Cydney Smythies

I grew up in Coquitlam and raised two wonderful children here with my husband. I love my community and what it has to offer. Our children benefited from a fabulous sport and recreation “active for all” focus of Coquitlam. The work of the Symington Symbiotic Foundation is a great fit for me to promote that goal.

As a teenager in Coquitlam I worked as a lifeguard/swim instructor which introduced me to the Canadian Red Cross Society. I spent the next 45 years volunteering for the society in different programs, in many different capacities and at various governance levels. The mission of the Red Cross is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity and is something I strive to incorporate into my daily life but of course on a much smaller scale. So whether it’s coaching a recreational field hockey team, assisting the city in planning recreation facilities or ensuring our community has sport and recreation for all I try to do my small part.

The work that the foundation provides for many children is so remarkable that I couldn’t help but want to be involved. It is a perfect fit for my philanthropic endeavours.