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Wesley Wai graduated from University of Sydney with a Masters of Physiotherapy following a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University.

While working in Australia as a physiotherapist, he gained experience working in a clinic specializing in treating patients with short- and long-term neurological disorders, such as stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and others. Wesley also spent time at Randwick Children’s Hospital in Sydney and gained valuable skills working with a variety of pediatric patients and their families.

Having spent several years as an ESMT team member as a supervisor and as a therapist, Wesley is extremely excited to rejoin the team! Wesley brings a functional approach to each individual case and believes in using a family-centered approach to work with the child and their families to develop their individual goals. Wesley brings a wide range of knowledge and experiences to the team at Empowering Steps.

Wesley currently splits his time between Club Aviva and Trailside Physiotherapy, a sports injury and orthopedic clinic located in Coquitlam.

Currently, Wesley is a candidate for full Physiotherapy licensing and will complete his exams for accreditation in Canada in March 2021. Before then, he is working under the title “Interim Physiotherapist”.




Physical Therapy is currently offered as an integrated service for clients at our Coquitlam and Delta locations, with monthly check-ins in Coquitlam.

To Register or Book an Assessment, please contact Empowering Steps Management at, 604-544-1201 or using our contact form